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Ramesh was born in Pandamangalam, Namakkal Dist, TN, India. After the completion of M.Sc from University of Madras (2003) and a project work from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, he pursued his Ph.D with Dr. Oliver Reiser in University of Regensburg, Germany. Dr. Rasappan received the prestigious 'DAAD Fellowship' from Germany for his doctoral studies in Asymmetric Synthesis. Soon after his Ph.D (2009), he won the Alexander von Humboldt award and continued his work with Dr. Magnus Rueping in Aachen University, Germany. He subsequently did post-doctoral research with Dr. Corey Stephenson in Boston University, USA. Later, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Varinder Aggarwal, University of Bristol, England, shifting his research from photocatalysis to Lithiation-Borylation. Ramesh is also the receiver of the renowned Marie-Curie fellowship.

Ramesh joined IISER-TVM as an Assistant Professor in 2015. His area of expertise includes asymmetric catalysis especially the use chiral ligands like bis(oxazolines), organocatalysis (phosphoric acids & prolines), photocatalysis and short synthesis of natural products.

Current work in his group is centred on asymmetric coupling reactions where the stereochemical information is induced by a chiral ligand or transferred from a starting compound. Look at the research page for the detailed info.

Awards/Fellowships (selected)

Ramanujan Fellowship
Marie-Curie Fellowship
AvH (Alexander von Humboldt) Fellowship
DAAD (Ph.D) Fellowship



My Family

I have a beautiful family with two children. My wife Selvi, provides me a wonderful support. My daughter Nithila Ramesh, is in kindergarten and my son Kabilan Ramesh, just turned two. Click for the pictures.

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